Big Muddy Fiddle Club
Omaha, Nebraska

Club Tune Page

Thanks to Steve Lehr for Transcribing Club Tunes!
The following are notation and music files of tunes our club has been learning.  Please feel free to share these tunes with all of your friends!
Alabama Rose
Bell Cow
Bonaparte's March (Gail Heil Workshop)    
Bye Bye My Honey I'm Gone
Cajun Fiddle
Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap
Come Dance and Sing
Eugene's Reel
Fly Around My Pretty Lil' Miss (GMaj; Tar Heel Rattler's version)
Green Willis
Ill Tell Me Ma
Joys of Quebec
Julianne Johnson
Kerry Slide
Les Fraises et les Framboises
Lumberjack Polka
Missouri Mud
New York Creek - Steve Lehr
Oklahoma Rooster
Old Dan Tucker(Gail Heil Workshop)
Old Hen Clucking (Cluck Old Hen 2)
Pretty Red Lips
Puncheon Floor
Quadrille in C
Rhiannon - Steve Lehr
Rose of Alabama
Saturday Night Breakdown (Gail Heil Workshop)
Shannon Waltz
Shoestring Hornpipe Lin Gowin-O'Brien 
Smash the Windows (Debby Greenblatt Workshop)
Speed the Plow  
Swannanoa Waltz (Rayna Gellert)
Bill Powell's Waltz
Wind that Shakes the Barley/Fairy Dance


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