Big Muddy Fiddle Club
Omaha, Nebraska

Club Tune Page
The following are notation and music files of tunes our club learned in the past.  Please feel free to share these tunes with all of your friends!
Alabama Rose
Bonaparte's March (Gail Heil Workshop)    
Bye Bye My Honey I'm Gone
Cajun Fiddle
Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap
Come Dance and Sing
Eugene's Reel
Fly Around My Pretty Lil' Miss (GMaj; Tar Heel Rattler's version)
Green Willis
Ill Tell Me Ma
Joys of Quebec
Julianne Johnson
Kerry Slide
Les Fraises et les Framboises
Lumberjack Polka
Missouri Mud
New York Creek - Steve Lehr
Oklahoma Rooster
Old Dan Tucker(Gail Heil Workshop)
Old Hen Clucking (Cluck Old Hen 2)
Pretty Red Lips
Puncheon Floor
Quadrille in C
Rhiannon - Steve Lehr
Rose of Alabama
Saturday Night Breakdown (Gail Heil Workshop)
Shannon Waltz
Shoestring Hornpipe Lin Gowin-O'Brien 
Smash the Windows (Debby Greenblatt Workshop)
Speed the Plow  
Swannanoa Waltz (Rayna Gellert)
Bill Powell's Waltz
Wind that Shakes the Barley/Fairy Dance
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2018 - 2019 Season Tunes to Learn

"To play like a fiddler it is a good idea to listen to some fiddlers." - anon.

Top 10 tune focus

Arkansas Traveler
Tommy Jarrell video
Wayne Shrubsall  banjo and Bruce Thomson on fiddle video

Biddy From Sligo
Proinsias & Mairéad Ó Maonaigh - video
Caitlín Nic Gabhann & Ciarán Ó Maonaigh - video 

Black Velvet Waltz
Patti Kusturok video
Charlie Walden  video

Cooley's Reel
Kevin Burke video
Scotch Mist video

Jamie Allen
Peakfiddler video
Russell Eyre and Jamie Burney - video

Lighthouse Keeper's Waltz
Kevin Burke video

Empty Bottle String Band
Michael Cleveland - Fiddle, Joey McKenzie - Guitar  

Dwight Lamb video

Top of the Cork Road/Father O'Flynn
Isaac Callender - video
Patrick Madden - video

Westphalia Waltz
Stuart Duncan - video
William and James - video

Additional Tunes

Blackest Crow
Tatiana Hargraves - video
Bruce Molsky with Julie Fowlis - video

Blind Mary
MacPhail Irish Fiddle Class - video

Bonaparte's March
Howard Raines - video
Nathan McAlister - video

Cowboy Waltz
Wayne Shrubsall on banjo and Bruce Thomson fiddle video

Danish Schottische
Sheryl Cuba video

Down Home Rag
Vesta Johnson  video
Sheryl Cuba video

Five Steps Down
Patti Kusturok - video

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
Anna Roberts-Gevalt video
Eddie Bond video

Health to the Ladies
Fergal Scahill & Jeanne Freeman video

Irishman's Heart to the Ladies
Ashley Giles video
John Kirk  video

O'Sullivan's March
The Chieftans Video 

Peacock Rag
Charlie Walden video
Augusta OT Week Class - video

Pig Ankle Rag 
Dan & Christy Foster & Friends - Clifftop 2016

Pumpkin Ridge - courtesy of 
Old Time Fiddle Tunes - Lamancusa website

Seneca Square Dance
Ry Cooder/Long Riders Soundtrack - video
Bruce Molsky et al - video

Stone's Rag
Chubby Wise - video
Vivian Williams - video

Tombigbee Waltz
Helen Highwater Stringband - video
Down Home String Band - video

Turkey in the Straw
Fiddling Thompsons video