Big Muddy Fiddle Club
Omaha, Nebraska

Favorite Club Tune Sources and Websites

(in quite random order)
 - Berea College Sound Archives, collection of Appalachian Tunes,A,1;title,A,1;subjec,A,0;descri,200,0;publis,A,0;20&CISOBIB
LD1=subjec&CISOBOX1=fiddle   This goes straight to the Brea recordings of Appalachian fiddlers      - The Henry Reed Collection, Library of Congress Country Tunes by Sam Bayard 
Hill Country Tunes was published in 1944 by Samuel Bayard. It contains Appalachian fiddle tunes that he collected from the Southwestern Pennsylvania area. It is long out of print. Enjoy...     Some really cool tunes here  great digital recordings int he key of C     Comprehensive list of better known tunes with midi files   having trouble finding some tune notation?  Try JC's ABC Tune Finder   Eastern Eurpoean Fiddle Tunes  some bluegrass tune transcriptions on the Jack Tuttle website    Someone did lots of hard work collecting Celtic Tunes, this is an excellent collection   The has a tremendous collection of Celtic fiddle tunes complete with discussions of the tunes  this site has lyrics to go with some of your favorite tunes   this site has lots of Old Time Resources  lots of Old Time tune information

Old Time and Celtic music is an oral tradition; any transcription of a song or tune is only a representation of the music, and cannot capture the full essence of the piece. Especially for traditional music, which is passed on by ear, it is essential to listen to the music played in the traditional style to learn how to play it authentically
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